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Download A Price List
Hello Ellen. I love your web site like everyone else. I have a different question that I hope you can help me with. I have been asked to put together a price, qty, serving size,list for a couple of potential clients. I am trying to make one on excel but it is taking me so long. Do you know of a web site that would have a free download for a pricing list where all I have to do is plug in the numbers, items, and off we go. I have looked at the Cake Boss but the site is very expensive. I would be very happy with any help you can give me. Thank you so much for everything you do for all of use. Sheryl
Sorry, Sheryl, but I don't know where to send you for a price sheet template.
Thank you so much Ellen. My son suggested I check out You Tube. They did have some that might work. I do have another question if I may. I really need help finding books to help me with portion size, cooking for large groups or quantities to serve 100-200 people, and substitution of food. I love your site but there are times a computer is not at hand and I need the information right know. If you know of any books that I may purchase I would be very grateful. I do have a couple of my moms cook books that has helped but they are very old. Thank you again for your site and your help. Sheryl
I have not found any books that use current portion sizes and do what I do. Maybe it is time to write one... or a smartphone app or two.

If you use older books like cooking for 50, just be aware that due to portion size changes, and buffet service, what used to serve 50 only serves 42-45 now.

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