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Cook Talk

Ham dinner for 400 people
I need to feed 400 people a ham dinner while most of them will be sitting on the floor and many will be children. Do you have any ideas of a menu that will accommodate those conditions and the amounts needed to feed that many? It is for a Christmas Church dinner
Very hard for many people to sit on the floor or get up. Consider renting chairs.

Ham is a difficult choice because it has to be cut into bites, and that is had to do on your lap. Especially with lots of kids! Consider doing a stew type dish instead, such as chicken and dumplings, beef stew; or a casserole main dish like scalloped potatoes and ham, where the ham is diced.

For side dishes, you want non-drippy items that don't need a knife; for example, corn or green bean casseroles, fried apples rather than applesauce; creamed or scalloped potatoes or potato salad rather than mashed; maybe a chunky fruit salad. You can write back.

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