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how much food for 50 people
kristine b
I'm throwing a birthday party for my mom.. There will be 50 people coming. I've never thrown a party this size before. Would like anyone's opinion on food amounts. Here's the main menu
- 2 9x13 pans lasagna
- 2 crock pots of meatballs
- 1 crock pot of baked beans
- 1 spiral cut ham
- 2 garden salads
- 1 oriental salad
- veggie casserole
- Rolls
(veggie platter, Crackers & Humus, beverages & dessert)

Enough food here or do I need more? Thank you

You don't specify weights or sizes of crock pots, so here is what I would do:

- 2 9x13 pans lasagna- will run out- consider doing 3 maybe even 4 if big eaters
- 2 crock pots of meatballs- at least 6 pounds
- 1 crock pot of baked beans-at least 1 1/2 gallons
- 1 spiral cut ham- at least 10-12 pounds
- 2 garden salads- 4 pounds lettuce to start plus dressings and add-ins
- 1 oriental salad- 1 1/2 gallons
- veggie casserole- 8-10 pounds of vegetables
- Rolls- 2 per person, 2 pounds butter

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site.

kristine b
Thanks Ellen. Your input was helpful. Thanks9786;
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