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Catering for 60-75 people Appetizer portions only
Hi there, before I head out to do my shopping I'd love some advice, guidance or suggestions.
I have my first function that I'm catering for Nov 27. There are 60-75 people attending the event. My menu is as follows:
Variety of pizzas cut into bite size slices (24/ pizza tray): Maragrita, white with herbs & spices, vegetarian and arugula/Brie cheese/prosciutto.
200 rice balls (golf ball size)
10 goat cheese, caramelized onions with fig spread stuffed phyllo crust logs (20 slices/ log)
Freekeh Salad with green onion and a lemon vingerette
Quinoa Salad with grilled chicken and roasted vegetables
Green Salad
My question is specific to the amount of quinoa & Freekeh (cracked green wheat) I need to make per person. Please advise.
Thanking you in advance for your help.
In light & love,
Lidia :)
It depends very much on when the party starts and how long it lasts. Please write back. Also, is there a reason for no meat at all?
The party runs from 6:30-9pm. As for the meat it's a function for a yoga studio and she's asked for no red meat.
OK. The issue for the time is that a portion of attenders in this time slot will not eat dinner before they come and thus will eat about 50% heavier than at a standard afternoon or 7-9/8-10 reception.

Discuss with your host about using a fruit tray (see the veggie tray page) or a classic relish tray (see the veggie tray page) instead of the green salad- more finger friendly and easier to eat standing up.

I would say for the 2 salads, plan for 75, allow 1/3 cup each per person= 6 to 7 quarts each.

You need about 3 pieces of pizza per person. Consider adding extra firm tofu, cubed, marinated, and grilled, with toothpicks, about 2 ounces per portion; or the wonderful unchicken satay skewers from this site- they would be the hit of the party.

If this is a paid gig, please make a contribution, a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

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