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Catering for 200 questions
Hi Ellen Ty so much for your advice on your website it helped me a lot!
I am catering for 200. There will be 3 stations
Chinese, sliders , and Italian
Each station has about 5 options.
Here is what I am thinking
Chinese - Sweet and sour chicken , pepper steak, oriental cole slaw, sesame pasta and Chinese rice
Italian - Marsala chicken , meatballs, pesto pasta, ficiocha and pasta with basil and tomatos
Sliders - a couple choices ... Do you have any ideas?
With so many choices do I still use the amounts that you have on website for 100?
Didn't see any amounts for pepper steak? We will also be having family style dessert I thought about doing a choice of different pies.
Can you help me out with the amounts and what are your thoughts about price per person... I did look at ideas of prices from your website. Ty so much
How the crowd will split at these stations depends on the type of crowd, the type of event and the age of the crowd. So I can't help much without a lot more info.

Also, you will need at least 12-15 staff for the day of, for this size crowd for this menu.

Also, I always request that pro (ie paid) caterers use the pro sites-,, You are looking at a $4-6000 event. The usual fee for pro advice is about $50-80 per session.

So, if you want to inquire at the contact email at the bottom of the page, we can talk.

It's for a school fundraising dinner.
Adults only and the 3 stations will be in a open area and the guest will walk around.
Thanks for your help
Are you open to tweaking the menu? I don't know what ficiocha is, but I do know that this is too many food choices for this size party, unless you have a staff of more that 20 and a very big budget.
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