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Turkey dinner for a church party
Carly Hunter
I'm planning a church dinner party and I want to make sure I have enough serving.
I'm thinking im needing 6 turkeys, 8 serving sizing size of 12 funeral potates, 6 green or fruit salad. 180 rolls, 7 different desserts, and 7 green bean casseroles. do you think this is enough to feed 150. there will be children and adults present.
It looks light to me. You need at least 100 pounds of whole turkey, and I often plan a pound per person for adults, 1/2 pound for kids. You need to increase the potatoes to at least 1 serving per person for adults, 1/2 for kids, and add a second starch, either stuffing (1/2 cup per person) or yams (5 #10 cans per 100). You need at least one serving of vegetables per person, 5-6 #10 of corn would be the simplest.

Add 4 pounds butter, 9-10 quarts of gravy, 20-25 pounds cranberry relish or sauce.

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