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BBQ for 100 People
Hi there, I am planning a barbeque for roughly 100 people. 10-15 of these people will be vegetarian.

For sides, I am looking at 10 pounds of potato salad, 3.5 pounds of coleslaw, 6 pounds of fruit salad (not sure what fruits), 11 pounds of salad or another vegetable dish, and 10 pounds of pasta salad.

For snacks, we are having pretzels, potato chips, and veggie trays. I am not sure how much we should be offering here.

I am also wondering the number of hotdogs and hamburgers I should have available. I will have vegetarian options, so I am asking only about the meat.

Please let me know if my figures seem right for the sides, if I'm missing anything, and how much I will need for the rest. Thank you!

This will be self serve, and there will not be alcohol. We will have iced tea, lemonade, water, and sodas to drink.
You are very very light on the sides for 100 people.

10 pounds of potato salad,
10 pounds of pasta salad,
I suggest at least 40 pounds total. I do at least 35 potato and 20 pasta when I do for

3.5 pounds of coleslaw, I do 20 pounds for 100

6 pounds of fruit salad (not sure what fruits),
This is less than 1 ounce per person; I do 3-4 gallons for 100

The chips, 1 pound each per 12-15
The veggie tray, see the veggie tray page, but do consider the classic relish tray or antipasto vegetables for some of the choices.

11 pounds of salad or another vegetable dish, for 100 people, 12-15 pounds green salad or 20 pounds cooked veg

Now for the meat;
About 1 pound beef per 4 carnivores (4 rolls per pound) and 1 hot dog per person.
Condiments, onions, pickles are on the sandwich page.

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