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Wednesday night meals at church
We make a meal at our church every Wednesday night for the youth and children's classes. We serve around 35 youth and 30 children, also the adult teachers eat too. So roughly 75-80. I need a few kid friendly easy suggestions that are inexpensive. I like to spend around $120. We have had pizza, tacos, spaghetti, we are looking for more variety. Any help is appreciated.
Scalloped potatoes with ham
Meatball sliders or sandwiches
Chinese night with fried rice and sweet and sour or stir fry dish
Chicken haystacks, in the forum
church social chili (on this site) with cornbread
Southern stuffing casserole with chicken layered in, recipe on this site
Breakfast for supper- pancakes, etc
build your own burritos
Loaded baked potato bar, recipe on this site

That should help for a while

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