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Vegetarian roast using asparagus juice
In searching for a vegetarian roast that uses asparagus juice for a meater taste, I came across this website; in the search engine, there is a quote that says:

Ellen's Best Unchuck Roast: a millenium recipe ... 3 1/4 cups water (part pureed asparagus for a more chicken-y flavor) ... Used in ancient vegetarian cuisines, seitan, wheatmeat or gluten roast is something to chew, something juicy and salty ...

I have looked at the millenium recipe, and can not find any references as to where the asparagus juice/puree is added. I rememmber a recipe from years back that used asparagus to enhance the flavor, but don't have it any longer. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Asparagus broth tastes meaty and can be used as the simmering broth. Or, it can be used as part of the liquid in the seitan itself.

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