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Cook Talk

Birthday party
Hi Ellen I am helping with cooking for 100ppl
Apps at 6:00pm
Cheese tray-20#
Bacon wrapped scallops?

Dinner 7:00

Baked chicken -100
Salmon-50 for any that don't do chicken
Potatoes au gratin- 50#
Rice pilaf 25#
Green beans?

You are coming along. Here are some suggestions.

Meatball-10# - OK, 3 quarts sauce
Cheese tray-20# 10 plenty, some can be logs or spreads; 6 pounds crackers
Bacon wrapped scallops? - with meatballs, instead do classic relish tray (veggie tray page) or fruit tray (fruit tray page)
This is plenty for a before dinner appie service

Baked chicken -100- 70 pounds leg quarters or whole chicken- 1 chicken per 4 people plenty
Salmon-50 for any that don't do chicken- 20 pounds plenty
Potatoes au gratin- 50# only need about 35 if also doing rice
Rice pilaf 25#- start with about 5 pounds dry rice. You will have some left
Green beans- definitely, 20 pounds or broccoli cuts?

Consider adding something interesting for color, like spiced peach halves, corn relish, or broiled tomatoes.
Rolls-100 at least 120 (12 pounds), 3 pounds butter

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support the site. Thanks.

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