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Sandwhices with 3 meats
Hi Ellen, Hate to bother you but I am a little confused with all the web-sites regarding how much meat to purchase for cold sandwiches.I am trying to make a menu for a bride that would like sandwiches for 200 serving with ham, roast beef and turkey. I see on web-sites of, 1lb for 5 sandwiches, 2lbs for 8 serving, or 3lbs of each meat will make 300 sandwiches. I did see one that said for 100 serving purchase 40lbs Ham,beef,turkey. Is that 40lbs per meat or would you divide 40lbs by 3? That would give you 14lb per meat. I have suggested to her to have cheese, lettuce,& tomatoes for fillers. Thank you for your advise.
1 pound makes about 8 moderate sandwiches, 6 if on big rolls or for self serve teens. Most of the time you want about 1 pound for 5.

How to divide is tricky, used to be 1/2 beef, 1/4 each of the others; nowadays, it can run 1/2 turkey, 1/3 beef, just a fraction ham.

For the cheese and fixings, mustard, mayo. pickles, etc, see the sandwich planning page.

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