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Clarification for salad wights
Hi, Ellen,
When I know I need 40 pounds of cold pea salad, does that mean 40 pounds of peas themselves, or all the ingredients, smoked almonds, onions and all? 4-5 gallons of the salad is what you recommend; that would mean less peas themselves. (I was going to buy 40 pounds peas and line up the ingredients from that amount, but perhaps that will be far too much.)
(I'm Winter Wedding for 200 below.) Thanks again SO much.
As I remember, you have up to 250 coming?

i pound of plain old peas, nothing added, serves 4 people. So in a pea salad, you might have 2 ounces peas, dressing, cheese, etc. I suggest that you not make more than 1 serving per person, since not everyone will have some; so you are looking at 200 or 250 divided by 8 for your max of peas, which is 25-34 pounds peas. Scale the rest to match the peas.

Hope this helps.

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