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birthday party
Rachel Guidry
I'm throwing a birthday party for my dad who is turning 70. Most guests are his friends, so of the same age. The party is at 2 pm. We will be serving wine and birthday cake. I hired a caterer and he is telling me I need a bigger variety of food. My original order was for: pork tenderloin with rolls for sandwiches, fruit/cheese/veg platter, hummus platter, two hot dips (spin/artichoke and crab) and an apricot fig torte, lemon squares and cake balls. He suggested adding chicken alfredo pasta, boudin balls and meat pies. I'm ok with adding one of those but not all three. What do you think?
Rachel, I disagree with the caterer. This is a mid afternoon reception for older folks, and they will eat less than at a meal. No pasta. No spicy boudin balls. Maybe something in the mini quiche/ tiny crab cake/ tiny meat pie realm, or something as simple as deviled eggs... but even as is, it looks adequate.

Happy birthday , dad.

Rachel Guidry
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your input!
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