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chicken parmesan spaghetti casserold
Sharron Poe
I will be making a chicken parmesan spaghetti casserole for 125 people how much spaghetti do I need and also do you have a good recipe for the chicken parmesan???
If you are doing chicken cutlet style, you would prepare the chicken breast cutlets using the technique outlined in the "chicken marsala" recipe on this site, link on the Big Pots page, just using your Parmesan style coating. The amount of chicken would be 1 1/4 times the amount in that recipe.

If you are just cubing up chicken breast, you need 1 pound boneless per 4, up top about 30 pounds.

12-14 pounds pasta, depending on how hungry a crowd.

There are some good sauce on the spaghetti page. It takes about 1 quart of sauce per pound of pasta.

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