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Wedding 100
Need some quantities I am catering a wedding for 100 people. We will have appetizers of meatballs, veg'a dip, fruit, buffalo chicken dip. Don't need help on that but then the buffet is pulled pork, lasagna, baked chicken, rice, green beans, salad and rolls. I need to know how many pounds of pork and chicken. How many trays of lasagna ? Wedding is at 3:30 so reception starting at 4:30
Kim this site is primarily for family and volunteer cooks, and this sounds like a paid job. You can look up the rice, green beans, salad and rolls on the plan for 100 page.

The split on the entrees is much more difficult, especially if it is buffet service. You probably need 2 full trays of lasagna cut 4x6 and a half tray of vegetarian (your bride has made no provision for any non-meat eaters.) 80 pieces of chicken, some left. 15 pounds pulled pork, 75 buns, 3 quarts pickles, 4-5 pounds sliced onions.

If this is a paid gig or I saved you time, trouble, or money, please lake a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

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