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soup and sandwiches for 50
anita derouche
We are having a get together where we will have at least 50 people for supper. we want to have a panini bar and 3 different soups for our meal. We are planning to make winter vegetable soup, chicken escarole soup and a sausage tortellini soup. We also want to have the makings for a vaiety of panini sandwiches. what advice can you give for quantities of both soups and sandwich fixings.

Thanks for your help


Making 3 soups for just 50, you will either have leftovers or run out of one. I would choose leftovers and make 7-8 quarts of each.

For the sandwiches, see the sandwich page (button at the top of the main cook talk page)and use the quantity guide for 1/2 of the teen hoagie party for 100. This will give you plenty. You might want to add in a jar or two of julienne dried tomato strips and maybe 1/2 a classic relish tray from the veggie tray page, with the pickles and olives or olive tapenade.

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