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making chicken alfredo for 130 people
I need some help on how much to buy. Having a graduation party for our daughter and she wants chicken alfredo. How much do I buy of everything to accomplish this?
Look at the spaghetti dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of the spaghetti page. Assuming these are mostly teens and therefore big eaters, for 130 do 2 1/2 to 3 times the quantities. To translate the whole chicken into meat, you would need about 12 pounds on skinless, boneless chicken meat for each recipe, so about 30-36 pounds all together.

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The alfredo style sauce on the spaghetti page holds well.
making chicken alfredo for 300 people
Hello! Love this site. I'm helping a friend cater his (very informal) 300 person wedding. He has requested some form of an Alfredo with chix plate. He has 400.00 for food. Is this possible? He will have 24 tables with 8 pp per table. Plated........He wants to use fancy disposal plates and utensils. Do you have any suggestions
No, it is not possible to feed 300 people chicken alfredo for $400. It is not possible to do popcorn and beer for $400. Wedding cake alone usually charges out at $4 or so per person.

A minimum for a plated dinner, and I mean bare bones, skillful shopping, experienced crew, not counting beverages and set up (plates, etc), would be around $2400, simple, buffet service. Plus 12-16 servers at about $125 per person.

Gilbert, your friend will either have to find plenty more money or switch to a 1 pm wedding with a cake reception. My suggestions would be to get the bride involved, cut the guest list way down, give up the idea of a plated meal, and do some local pricing to get a more realistic idea of what might be possible.

You or your friend can use the contact link at the bottom of the page to have a private email discussion if you wish.

ok Ellen,
I took your advice and got the bride involved. Money is not an option.
They are expecting 200 and would like me to cook for 300 plated. I am only doing the food and am torn between a breast plate with simple sides, or pasta and chicken (Garlic Cream Sauce). I can make something similar to Alfredo using a Bechamel sauce. Im thinking Grilled chicken breast sliced and tossed with some Veg Bowtie pasta and diced tomato with some green, either Sliced green onion or parsley (they want garnish). He is handling waiters and drinks will be self serve on tables. (per request) Any Ideas.

I have a steam table and with 4 900 pan inserts 2 extra large slow cook warmers
1 small bbq grill

I need help with amounts



Chicken Breast

Please excuse the typo......Money is not a problem.
I do know about 80lbs of Breast will yield 200 servings for a breast plate. I feel perhaps 80lbs would be enough for a pasta with Chix option for 300.
Here is a standard chicken alfredo for 100 persosn, 1 1/2 cup serving (you would need 1-2 more things on the plate, bread sticks, roasted veg, salad, etc

ken Alfredo with Vegetables

Grande Classic® Malibu Blend
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1 ¾ cups Olive oil
18 ¼ lbs. Chicken breasts, sliced into strips
4 cups/3 ½ qt. Alfredo sauce
3 ½ cups Shredded parmesan cheese
4 Tbs. Salt
4 Tsps. Ground black pepper
56 lbs. FLAV-R-PAC® Grande Classic Malibu Blend
(Broccoli, Bias Cut Carrots, Cauliflower, and Bias Cut Yellow Carrots. )
1 ½ cups Sundried tomatoes packed in oil, drained
½ lbs. Parsley


In each of two large skillets, heat half of the oil. Add sliced chicken and cook until no longer pink. Add Alfredo sauce, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Heat until hot.
Add 1 gallon of water to each of 6 large stockpots and divide the FLAV-R-PAC Grande Classics Malibu Blend Vegetables among the pots. Cover and bring to a boil. Remove lid, stir to separate vegetables and drain. OR Steam vegetables in a pressureless steamer (2 1/4 bags per slotted, full steam table pan) for 4 minutes. Divide cooked vegetables into 6 hotel pans or large containers.
Divide chicken and heated sauce among cooked vegetables and gently toss.
Mix gently and serve. FOR INDIVIDUAL SERVICE: Plate 14 ounces of Alfredo Chicken with Vegetables over pasta and garnish with sundried tomatoes and parsley. FOR VOLUME FEEDING: Fill hotel pans with hot Alfredo Chicken. Arrange sundried tomatoes and parsley around the edge of the pan.

Yield:100 (12 ounce) Entrée Servings

Approx 18 pounds dry pasta per 100.

LaVonne Weich
making chicken alfredo for 100 people
I am serving chicken alfredo for 100 people. Approximately how many pounds of chicken breasts do I need? I am also serving a vegetable, salad, garlic bread, and dessert.
making Chicken Alfredo for about 40-60 people
Hi I am giving my husband a surprise birthday party and so far 40 people are coming but invited 60 how many pans and chicken breast do you think i would need??? I am also having salad and cake as well!!



If 60 are invited, plan for at least 50.

About 18 pounds of pasta, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1 pound raw boneless chicken breast per 4. How about making 1 dish with just veggies in case you have any vegetarians among the guests?

Do you have a recipe for alfredo sauce? Or what would you recommend using instead of making the sauce?
There is a recipe for Alfredo style sauce for 100 that holds and is not full of melted cream cheese. Push the spaghetti page button and read down.
Making chicken alfredo & spaghetti for 200 people
I know how to cook everything I am cooking and thanks to the previous comments I know how much, but my problem is when to start cooking everything. The party starts at 1:00 PM. When do start cooking and how do I keep it warm, until the party?
making chicken alfredo for 200 people
Theresa, if you read the section on boiling large amounts on the spaghetti page, you will see that you have to bring very large amounts of water to a boil- at up to 20 minutes per gallon- and can only use the water twice before starting a new pot- so, figure out how many and what size pots, how many burners, and then count backwards-

Frankly, I would consider making it all the day before and casseroling it- much less demanding day of.

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chicken alfredo recipe
I use the alfredo-style sauce on this site. About 20 pounds dry pasta for entree size portions for 100 served buffet style; 1 quart sauce and about 1 1/3- 1 1/2 pounds boneless chicken meat for each pound of pasta, and 1-1 1/2 pounds assorted cut up veggies.Make at least one tray meatless for any vegetarians.

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making chicken alfredo for 160
Im considering making my own food for my wedding. To try to keep cost down. I love chicken Alfredo and have made it before homemade. But how can I get exact amount of everything I need for that many people.
Do 1 3/4 times the alfredo style for 100 on this site, at least 24 pounds pasta and 40 pounds boneless chicken breast.
I work for the Girls and Boys Club and they would like to have a party for 200 with chicken Alfredo as there main. I am needing some help on a large quantity of Béchamel sauce for the recipe. Can you help me?
For pasta casserole, I generally figure 1 quart per dry pound of casserole, and I strongly suggest you casserole this dish- pasta cooked just al dente, reheats more easily, holds better. Make at least 2 pans/20 servings vegetarian, you will have some non-meat eaters in the crowd. I suggest you use the alfredo style sauce on my spaghetti page, it holds much better than a true Alfredo, with gummy cream cheese.
making chicken alfredo for 40people
Amount of chicken ..chicken and broccoli to buy..and sauce
making meatloaf for 100
Ellen, how many lbs. of meat for meatloaf for
100 people, and how many servings does each pound
At least 25 pounds ready to serve- for generous party servings, 2 slices, you get 3 people to pound or slightly thinner, 4 per pound. ground meat shrinks at least 1/4.
How much chicken Alfredo would be I need to make for about 24 people? How many pounds of pasta and how many pounds of chicken?
Beth is this the entree course or a side dish? Write back.
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