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strawberry short cake
I'm planning on having strawberry short cakes as a dessert option can you please tell me how much strawberrys and pound cake I will need to serve 100 people with?

Also since I'm giving many options ( traditional cake, strawberry shortcake, lemon blueberry cupcakes, redvelvet cake pops, and southern pecan pie ) how many servings of each should I make for a 185 guest wedding. Would I make a 185 for each or a little of this a little of that?

Thank you for your time! You are awsome!!!!!!

1 quart of strawberries makes 8 generous shortcakes. Suggest you look at the dessert planning page for discussion on mixed dessert buffets; this is a lot of choices for 100 people, so it is likely you will either run out of something or have leftovers. I would make tiny pecan tarts instead of pies and mini cupcakes, so people could have one each of several items. Even consider making tiny biscuits for real mini shortcakes instead of angel food cake, since you have several other cakes already. maybe 120 of each, so there are about 3 per person.

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