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Cook Talk

cooking for 70 stuffed shells
Cooking for 70 people. We are making stuffed pasta shells,
Salad, garlic bread & buying cake..TEA & waters.
Can you tell me how much stuff I would need to buy? Thank you
Shells come in a larger and a smaller size, I make 3 large or 3.5 smaller per person and usually have some left. About 1 quarts sauce per 6-8 people.

9-10 pounds bread, 2 pounds butter

salad, 3/4 of any of the salads for 100 on the plan for 100 page

This menu would definitely benefit from about 16 pounds ready to serve veg, such as broccoli or roasted mixed veg, which can be served room temp Italian style and made ahead, if cooking space is an issue.

Beverage advice on the beverage planning page.

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