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Cook Talk

Wedding Reception
Debbi Allen
Reception 50 year Renew
200 people. Want baked &fried chicken
green beans, roasted potatoes, roll, salad, punch
& iced tea. I want to add ham and vegetable medleys
for another choice. What you think?
How many pounds of vegetables and potatoes for 200.
Should I do 100 pcs chicken and about 10 pound ham
sliced thin.
Thanks Debbi
Even if most of these folks are the age of the celebrants, if you are planning a dinner level meal, you need more food. I am doing the estimate based on your expanded menu.

baked & fried chicken- 200 pieces, don't know the baked vs fried preference in your area.
ham- at least 40 pounds, 50 would be safer
Consider doing a sauce for the ham, about 1 1/2 gallons

green beans, 35 pounds
vegetable medley, 35 pounds

roasted potatoes, 80 pounds

roll, 24 pounds, 5-6 pounds butter

salad, use the plan for 100 table. But with 2 veg consider doing a fruit tray instead, most people like this better than salad.

punch up to 16 gallons, depends on if you will serve during pre-dinner

iced tea, 12-16 gallons (less with coffee), at least 1/3 unsweetened

If there will be cake, definitely consider doing dinner level coffee, using the guideline for more decaf because of the age.

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