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50th wedding anniversary party
Hillary marxx
Hi, I'm planning a surprise 50th wedding anniversary for my parents in June. I'm an only child and will be paying for this myself, so I'm going for baked ham, chicken thighs, salt potatoes, green beans, Mac and cheese, tossed salad and cheddar biscuits. For my apps I'm having spinach and artichoke dip, chicken wing dip, veggie trays, cheese and crackers, and probably pinwheels of some sort. I'd also like to serve wine or sangria (2 glass limit) to the adults. Just wondering how much I'd need for between 125-150 people? Thanks for any suggestions as I've never thrown a party this large before.
Take a look at the High Wire white wine sangria, it is delicious,

You need some help- 4-6 people to set up, serve and clean up this party. Two serving lines, or a double sided line, for the buffet.

artichoke dip, 1 pint per 8-10
chicken wing dip, 1 pint per 8-10
chips, 1 pound per 12-14
If the crowd is your parents' age, the lesser, if mixed age, the larger amount
veggie trays, see veggie tray page, about 2 ounces veg and 1 ounce Ranch dip per person
cheese and crackers, 1 pound each per 15
pinwheels, 2 per person

baked ham, 1 pound per 4
chicken thighs, 2 per 3
Consider a raisin, apricot or pineapple sauce for the ham. 1 cup per 8-10.

salt potatoes,
Mac and cheese,
Consider doing just the mac and cheese, for oven space and because this tends not to be a starch-eating age. 1 pound pasta per 8, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1/2 to 1 pound cheese per pound.

green beans, 22 pounds per 100

tossed salad, see plan for 100 table, but consider doing a fruit tray instead, prettier and very popular

cheddar biscuits, 2 per person

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PS do plan on dinner level coffee, see the beverage planning page, using the higher decaf level.
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