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Cook Talk

how are you hope you can help how many slabs of baby back ribs, chicken wings, potato salad, fruit, water bottles, rolls and white bread, pasta salad, soda cans,cakes, pies, cup cakes, pretzel rods,chocolate covered strawberries, will i need to feed 450 people
If it is self serve buffet, you better have someone serve the first round of ribs. At least 6 serving lines needed, 8 would not be too many.

baby back ribs, 1/2 pound per person
chicken wings, at least 1/3 pound per person, 1/2 better; very expensive choice, you could do leg quarters or legs for less per person, 1 piece per person
about 1 cup table sauce per 6

pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100
potato salad, 4 gallons (35-40 pounds) per 100

rolls and white bread, 12 pounds per 100

fruit, use fruit tray page

water bottles, 2 per person
soda cans,
use beverage planning page, has amounts, flavors, ice.

cakes, pies, cup cakes, use the dessert planning page.

pretzel rods, 6 pounds per 100
chocolate covered strawberries, depends on size, 3-4 per 2 people

When you finish your estimates, if you post them I will review them.

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