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Planning snacks for at least 140 women
I'm in charge of planning snacks for a group of at least 140 women. There's a heavy snack one night, like veggie tray, mini quiche, etc. in place of a meal and pre-packaged snacks throughout another day and a half. I want all pre-packaged stuff so it's easy to grab and take. I won't have much time for prep, besides popping things in the oven to heat them up.
Please help, I don't know how much food to get.
Will they be getting regular meals during the following day and a half? How many snack periods in the day and a half? Are any of the other snacks replacing breakfast or another meal? Do you have help? Do you have budget limitations? What beverages are being offered? I need more info. Please write back.
They will be getting regular meals Saturday and Sunday that I am not responsible for. So maybe 4 snack refill times total in that day and a half. Heavy snacks late Friday afternoon and night. I will have some help. My budget would be around a couple hundred dollars. I don't need to worry about beverages.
Beverages affect the food choices- with coffee you do muffins and sweet rolls as part, for example.

It looks like you are talking mid-morning, mid-afternoon, evening, and next mid morning. Is that right?

It would also be very helpful to know the age range and type of crowd; teens? church ladies? Garden club? Non profit execs? And so on. Please write further.

Beverages are provided already. Coffee, water, juice, etc. That schedule is about right. Church ladies.
OK. This group likes bites of things. The ideal snacks are "well constructed mini-meals." That means food that contains protein, fat and fiber and delivers 200 calories or less.

AM- we always expect some folks missed breakfast...
mini muffins, 3 per 2 people
snack bars, 1 per person, Lara or Atkins has best nutrition
finger fruits, grapes, small tangerines, small apples; about 100 pieces(1 pound grapes is 10)
string cheese or mozzarella cheese, and hardboiled eggs, 50-60 pieces
small yogurt cups, 3-4 dozen
You will have leftovers, use tomorrow

PM- chips? pretzels? assorted, some baked, 1 ounce bags, about 60
trail mix packets and/or dry fruit packets about 4 dozen
peanut butter cups, about 50

Evening- cookies, bars, 2 moderate pieces per person
nuts, 4 pounds
leftover fruits

You will not need much extra-
maybe add mini bagels, 1 per person, cream cheese, 1 tablespoon per person, jam, 3 pounds jams, to whatever is left from the rest of the conference.

About that Friday evening pickup meal

Rollups would be an excellent base- 3-4 bites per person
Veggie tray- 1 pound per 10
Hummus- 1 pint per 15
Fruit tray- 1 pound per 10
chips, 1 pound per 15, 1 pint dip per pound
Sweets tray- frozen bites, cheesecake, eclairs, etc; 5 bites per each 2 people

This should give you generous and popular snacks throughout the weekend. If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

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