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Buffet Menu for 450 - are my amounts good?
Michelle Traphagen
Hi There -
I am in charge of the kitchen for a fundraising event. We expect 450 people. Below is the current buffet menu and what we have ordered. I am getting a donation of Ox Roast for sandwiches and am unsure of how many pounds I will need. Any help on that as well as whether or not I am track with the other amounts would be great appreciated. In addition we will have very light appetizers prior to dinner.

Tossed Salad
Fried Chicken (700 pieces)
Ox Roast Sandwich (???)
500 rolls (to go with Ox Roast)
Meatballs in red sauce (70 lbs)
Alfredo Pasta Dish (60 lbs)
Roasted Red Potatoes (70 lbs)
Vegetable (60 lbs)

Tossed Salad- use the plan for 100 list times 4, then cut the final amount 10%
Fried Chicken (700 pieces)probably some left, depending on how much beef
Ox Roast Sandwich (???)10 pounds raw (8 pounds cooked) makes 30 sandwiches, Have a server for each line the first round- people can get greedy with beef
500 rolls (to go with Ox Roast)
Meatballs in red sauce (70 lbs) plenty
Alfredo Pasta Dish (60 lbs)if this is cooked weight, it is 120-150 servings
Roasted Red Potatoes (70 lbs) less than 200 servings
You are about 100 servings short on the starches if you expect everyone to take full dinner size portions; maybe increase alfredo 10 100 pounds
Vegetable (60 lbs) depends on what it is- for 450, I would normally do at least 85

Have really good rolls that can be eaten plain with butter as well as used for sandwiches.

If this goes well, please make a donation, maybe a nickel per guest, to support this site.

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