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Cooking Stuffed Chicken In Roaster Ovens
I am making a stuffed chicken breast for 60 people in a facility that does not have an oven. We will be using electric roaster pans and I am nervous that it will be overcooked! When using a roaster, do you heat it to temp first and put in meat with no oil like a baking dish or the opposite; put the meat in pan and then heat the roaster to desired temp? Don't think it will brown the meat either way as an oven would but just don't want to overcook. Help please!
Preheat 20 minutes, Single layers in pans in several roasters, usually about 5 minutes less than regular oven. Indeed it won't brown. OK to butter or oil pan- prevents sticking.
2 or more roasters on the same circuit usually blows the circuit. Test before the day of.
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