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Cook Talk

Cocktail party
I'm catering a cocktail party, my first. There will be about 80 people in attendance, this is a firm number, so there will be no extra people showing up.
Here's what I was thinking of having...
Vegetable Trey with ranch dip
- broccoli
- cauliflower
- carrots
- grape tomatoes
- pepperocinis
- cucumbers
Cheese Trey with crackers
- cheddar cheese
- colby cheese
- Swiss cheese
- pepperjack cheese
Cold cuts trey
- Turkey
- beef
- ham
Chips and salsa
Is this before a meal, or the only food? What time does the party start and how long does it last? If this is stand alone, it is too predictable, and would not be any different from what they could do themselves at costco, so it needs work.
Is there a budget restriction?

Write back.

It's after dinner, but this was the only things they wanted served. It's a small celebrity meet and greet, lasting 2 hours. No budget restrictions but they don't want food left after the event is finished.
If I were doing this party, I would definitely NOT do this menu for this group. I would do a savory and dessert orientation; cheesecake bites or assorted dessert bites instead of the sausages, for example. Definitely a fruit tray instead of a vegetable tray. A cheese log /spread with nuts and fruits instead of pepper jack.

After dinner, 2 hours;
Dessert bites, cookies, bars, etc 3 per person
Fruit 4 pieces/bites per person, see fruit tray page (If you go with veg here, 1 ounce per person, but don't no one eats raw carrots after dinner, even with ranch dip)
1 pound cheese or spread per 20
1 pound crackers per 20
Meat, 1 pound deli slice per 15-20, you will have leftovers
Chips, 1 pound per 20, or per 15 if you do 2 flavors. I would do 2 exotics, 1 maybe corn and black bean, the other mango pineapple.
salsa, 1 pint per 20

If this is a paid gig, please send a donation, a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

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