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very light supper 250 ppl
Hi 250 ppl - have baked ziti for 150 from a restaurant but we are doing 1/2 their portions because its a "light supper" not a full dinner.
Also How much for the following:
Cut fruit (pineapple, strawberries, grapes)
Cut veg (carrots, celery, cauli,
Sheet Cake - how big?
Garlic bites/knots
The thing is, if this is buffet service, you will simply run out of ziti before everyone is served. It was already a light supper with a full portion of ziti when you decided not to do a meat, sausage, chicken, meatballs, to accompany the ziti.
1 shaker of Parm per table

Cut fruit
pineapple, 1 per 15
strawberries, 1 quart per 10
grapes, 1 pound per 15
1 cup yogurt dip/dressing per 8

Cut veg (carrots, celery, cauli,) Skip this, salad will fill the plate better and is more popular. Use the amounts in the plan for 100 table times 2 1/2. Dressings are discussed.

Consider adding a platter of room temp roasted veg, 20 pounds per 100; or a few gallons of olives and pickles

Sheet Cake - how big? i full sheet cuts only 60 pieces, you need at least 4 sheets, or 2 2 layer full sheets

Garlic bites/knots, 12 pounds per 100

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