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party chicken recipe
I have a recipe for party chicken serves 8. Take cornbeef slices wrap them inside the chicken breast,wrapped chicken breast with bacon. Make a sauce of sour cream and cream of mushroom soup and bakes at 275 degrees for 3 hours. Need to ajust recipe for 75 People. And would like to know if I can do in roasting pans and for how long?
Electric roasting pans
Yes you can do this in electric roasters, each will do about 16=18 pounds in the cookwell, you would need 2 roasters. Same low heat, preheat the roasters 20 minutes before inserting the cook pans, probably done up to 1/2 hour earlier, depends on how cold when you start. Use a quick read thermometer, 160 in the middle, turn roaster to 180 when it reaches this temp.

Be aware that 2 roasters on the same circuit will probably blow the circuit.

Richie, this is a very salt heavy entree.Would you take a look at the 2 wedding chickens on the Big Pots section, and see if either one would do?

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thank you for your suggestion for big pot chicken. yes it is a heavy and salty recipe . I do this recipe once a year for our church dinner and everybody looks forward to this dish.
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