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Cook Talk

We are looking into doing the food for my wedding by ourselves. We are planning on making food for 350 people. How much food would we need for: sauteed garden green beans, roasted red potatoes, rolls, tossed salad, and a fresh fruit salad?
Tayler? What are the entrees and what are the appetizers? Will alcohol be served? What time of day and how long is the party? To do this size party requires a large commercial kitchen with walk-in cooler storage, an experienced manager, at least 4-5 people in the kitchen, 20-28 people/servers out front to set up, serve and clean up the party (most of these people cannot attend the wedding, they will be working); 6 to 8 serving lines and 3-4 appetizer areas (yes, for a wedding reception you need to have an appetizer plan).

A reasonable size for a self catered party for an inexperienced family is 60 to at most 120 people. If you insist on this larger party, please read my wedding dinner article and then please consider doing an early afternoon wedding with a tea/cake type reception, or an after 7 PM wedding with a dessert/champagne type reception. As I say in the article, if poorly organized, a self catered wedding dinner can cost as much as a fully catered wedding and still be a disaster. Please take very good care of your day.

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