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Cook Talk

Hi. I'm planning to have a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend this February. I will have 30 guests on that day. I was thinking of a meryenda party only. I am on a tight budget but I want everything to be enough. Can you suggest food meals for meryenda that will not cost me too much?
Lovely mid afternoon idea! Foods served at merienda can be almost anything. Usually, they include noodles, salads, some types of soup like arroz caldo, bachoy and pancit molo, some meat dishes, like rhenudo, served with pan de sal and dinuguan served with puto, and almost all kinds of desserts. Of course, tea, coffee or soft drinks. You might want to focus on desserts and sweets for a mid afternoon party.

Most of these foods have simple and inexpensive ingredients, but some take some skill cooking. Do you have time, a kitchen and some experience?

Here is an assortment of authentic recipes. Many can be prepped a day or 2 ahead, then held over. Take a look and write back what you are interested in?

I was planning to have pancit bihon, hot with marshmallows, gelatin, sandwiches, cake and juice but I'm afraid that these wouldn't be enough for my guests. What do you think?
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