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Help I'm catering for 100
This is nothing fancy but she loves my chicken salad made from a can. It's their 25th anniversary held at the country club. I use can size 12.5 oz. ingredients in salad will have chopped apples and pecans. She wants it in phylo cups and potato chips and ranch dip. I have no idea how many cans of chicken, jars of mayonnaise, bags of apples, bags of pecans, spice jars of poppy seeds and how many phylo sheets it will take to feed 100. My thinking is 120 just to have enough. My budget is $150 just for food. Can it be done? Remember this is very casual. Thank you for any and all help!
I need to know how many packets of hidden valley ranch and sour cream and bags of chips for 100 people.
Evelyn, that is a very unrealistic budget for a dinner size portion for 100. And for a 7 PM party, you need a dinner portion.

7-8 pounds chips
1 pint dip per pound.

It is MUCH cheaper to buy the restaurant size container of Ranch dressing mix rather than the little packets. Available in the spice section at most restaurant supply houses.

For the salad estimate, I need your actual recipe. A dinner portion is 1 cup of the made up salad. Again, the canned chicken is available in very large cans at most restaurant supply houses, a much thriftier buy. However with all the add-ins and the phyllo, I don't see how you are going to do this for 100 for $150.

Some ideas- you can use a smaller portion of chicken salad if you use a deviled egg to garnish the plate, and/or maybe a second scoop of pasta, potato, vegetable/corn or egg salad. Some pickles? Some good olives?

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