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pasta bar
Melissa P
pasta bar
Hi Ellen,
My family is throwing me a baby shower for my first kid, very exciting. We are wanting to do a pasta bar with salad and bread, but we don't know how much is needed of each to feed 80 people. We want to offer spaghetti and rotini noodles in individual aluminum chafers, with choice of marinara and alfredo sauce, and choice of sliced chicken breast and ground meat (turkey). In your opinion, how much would we need of each item? I appreciate your help in this matter. We are on a budget and need to see if the guest list needs to be cut back
Happy family!

If you look at the spaghetti dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of the spaghetti page, you can use the basic quantities to estimate a price- then, if you find it affordable, for 80 people you would do 1 1/2 times that amount. Usually it is 2/3 red and 1/3 white or Alfredo, so you would do one whole in red and the half in Alfredo. Take a look and write back!

Melissa P

Ok so for 50-60 people you say 10 pounds. So for 80, that would be 15 pounds if I did my math correctly? The hamburger I understood, but what did you mean by 8 chickens? Also each item is seperate that way they can pick and choose their dish. I'm not sure if our cook in the family is comfortable making their own sauce, or if we will be purchasing jars of sauce. If we are to do jars, and I believe jars are about 2 and 1/2 cups, would that be 48 jars? Also since I'm giving two meat options, would we be able to cut the amount of each, to where the beef and chicken equalled the full 14 pounds?

Melissa P
Almost forgot, what size/ depth chafers should I buy, for noodles, sauce, and meats?
You're headed in the right direction.

Many sauces are in quart jars:
10 quarts red
6 quarts white

8-10 pounds ground meat
6 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast

5 pounds spaghetti cheese

15 pounds pasta

A really good addition here would be a chafer of chopped broccoli, about 12 pounds

Get standard size chafer pans, 12x26x2 1/2.

Does that help?

Melissa P
Yes my dear it does. Thank you very much.
Hi Ellen!
If I'm doing this same menu but offering a shaped pasta and a spaghetti pasta how many pounds of each pasta should I plan on?
Thank you for all your advice and help on your website!
Most people like the shaped pasta better, and they hold better, as well as being easier to cook and handle. Maybe you could skip the spaghetti? Or do 2/3 shaped, anyway.
Paula Ruffin
I l am soooo thankful that I foound your sight. I am considering doing a semi-DIY pasta bar for about 150 wedding guests.

I am considering 3 different types of pasta with a choice of sauces and meats to mix and match as guests like. The menu I am considering is the following...

3 different pastas like spaghetti, penne and bowtie
a red sauce
an Alfredo sauce
meat balls
sliced chicken
parmesan cheese

tossed salad with Italian, Ranch and 1000 Island dressings
bread sticks

of course, for dessert we have wedding cake, cake pops and cupcakes (red velvet and pound cake)

I say semi- DIY as I most items will be store bought (like jars of prepared sauces etc) and I will have servers.

I will have purchased fruit and veggie trays from Sam's club during the "cocktail" hour which we are referring to as a refreshment hour since there we are not serving alcohol (per church rules).

I am considering making some kind of signature non-alcoholic drink like a ginger-ale punch? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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