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Wedding Reception for 150 People
My family & I plan on self catering for 150 people. My wedding will begin at 5pm. We've never catered a wedding so we have no clue where to start! Please help! This is the menu we've decided! Any suggestions? Also I don't know the amounts of food we should prepare.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Cocktail Sausages in bbq sauce
Swedish meatballs
Spinach Dip (cold)
Crab Dip (hot)
Cheese Tray
Fruit & veggie Arrangement

Sara, it takes about 3 people in the kitchen day of and about 9-10 people out front to set up, serve, and clean up a party this size, and these folks don't go to the wedding, they are working straight through starting at 8-9 that morning. To do a dinner for this many people with no prior experience and no help is a recipe for disaster. Do please read my article on wedding dinners and then consider having some portion of the food and set up hired in- I really was not kidding when I said you can spend as much as a pro catering job and still have a bad outcome, if you don't have the right help.
It is not a bad menu, but you do need at least a hot vegetable and bread/rolls added. Also, the sandwiches are fiddly and hard to keep moist; consider a chicken dish as the second option.

You have an abundance of appetizers, and may want to sub a green salad for the veggie trays- looks better and fills the plate.

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