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Wedding Reception for 250 people
We are planning a wedding reception for 250 guests. We are having a local caterer provide the BBQ, etc. My question is this, how many gallons of iced tea (sweet and unsweet), lemonade, and water should we provide? Also, what is the average serving of coffee we'll need? We are using a k-cup coffee maker. Thanks much!
Hi, Susan,

The K cups are interesting, but this is a very awkward and costly plan for 250 people. You need literally gallons of coffee. Renting or buying a 50-60 cup urn for coffee and a 12 cup or 2 for the decaf would likely be less expensive and more effective. You will be making about 3 urns regular for 250 people.

Dinner or reception coffee and tea per 100 Regular coffee, 1 1/2 pounds (about 75 cups)
Decaffeinated 1/2 pound (may use 1 pound regular and 1 pound decaf with older guests)
Additional hot water about 30 servings
PLUS Tea bags(herb, regular, decaf) for 30, 2 pounds sugar, 2 quarts cream or milk, sweeteners, honey

iced tea (sweet and unsweet),
Iced tea or lemonade or fruit punch/koolaid for lunch, per 100
6 to 8 gallons (do 6 with the lemondae
Iced tea is made with 5 ounces or a scant 2 cups loose tea
PLUS ice, sugar, sweetener, lemon or lime slices
Sweet tea drinkers. contains 1 1/2 to 2 cups of sugar per gallon of hot tea Have about 2 gallons unsweetened plus some artificial sweeteners (I like the pink stuff and the green stuff) for sugar free

lemonade, 6 gallons per 100

water, 2 bottles per person, buy where you can return unopened cases

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