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Wedding of 300
Chelsey abbott
How many turkeys and prim ribs should I cook for a wedding of about 300 people?
What else is being served, and is it plated or buffet service? Write back.
Chelsey abbott
It is buffet potato salad pasta salad bake beans and toss salad will also b served.
Chelsey Abbott
We r also having apps befor the dinner.
The beef will be the preferred dish and people will eat a lot of it. You must have a server to slice the beef at each of the 4-6 serving lines you will need for this many people. If you use 2-3 double sided lines, the meat cutter can serve both sides.

You can slice the turkey breast and have the dark meat in a chafer.

Also, I strongly suggest a hot starch and a cooked veg be added to this menu, or they will eat quite a lot more meat. This can be very simple, 24 pounds dry rice for pilaf, or 90 pounds roasted potatoes. 50-60 pounds any cooked veg.

prime ribs, 2 pounds boneless per 5
turkeys, 1 pound whole or 1/2 pound boneless per 3. 1 pound cranberry sauce per 12.

Gravy, 1 cup per 4-6

potato , 3 1/2 gallons (about 35 pounds potatoes) per 100, if you do the hot starch
pasta salad, 5 pounds dry pasta per 100
bake beans, 3 gallons per 100

toss salad, use the plan for 100 page, do 3 times the amount for 100

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