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Rpound Roast
I am going to cook beef round roasts for a large crowd. Listed are the weights of each roast - 6.21 lbs, 4.48 lbs, 5.35 lbs, 6.72 lbs, and 5.61 lbs. How do I cook all of the roast in the same oven, or can this be done? I have two convection ovens and 2 gas ovens. How many minutes per pound? This is an important dinner. I should have chosen a different cut of meat, but I thought the round roast would be easier to slice, due to time management. Thank you for your help.
Round Roast
Looks like 60-75 people.

How to do a series/group of roasts is explained on the beef roasting page here:

It is VERY important to preheat the oven a full 20 minutes, it affects how the oven roasts, and to do low slow temp roasting to reduce shrinkage and to tenderize.

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