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Making chickensoup for 300
I am cooking chicken soup for 300 people. I wanted to know, how many pounds of chicken I should use?I want it to have a nice chicken flavor.
My first suggestion is, don't use water. Get a high quality meat and fat rich broth base from a good restaurant supply company.

Also, for 300 people, you are talking up to 25 gallons of soup. Consider using one of the top quality frozen soups, such as are used in many good mid-level restaurants.

Per 100, you need about 6 gallons of broth, 7 pounds of meat (which is 1 14 pound turkey, or 15 pounds whole chicken.) 1-2 gallons canned tomatoes with juice, 2 quarts onions and celery, and about a #10 can each of corn, green beans, carrots and peas, or equivalent frozen, 2 pounds noodles, parsley bay leaf etc to taste. This makes a rich soup and plenty of it for 100 people.
Also, turkeys make a better choice than chicken for this much soup.

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