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Soups for 120 people
Having a women's conference at our church. I'm in charge of soup. I'm planning on 3 types (chicken noodle, vegetable beef and potato). How many gallons of each soup would I need to prepare for 120 people? We are also serving salad and sandwiches.
1 gallon per 12 for a single flavor, but you have to make enough to accommodate everyone's first choice, so you will need 12-14 gallons gallons. Consider doing 1 roaster of each and be sure the potato is vegetarian- many bacon garnish goes on the side. 5 each for potato and whichever of the meat soups you think will be most popular, 3-4 of the other probably OK. You will likely have some left.

Figure 1/2 sandwich per person. the amount of salad for 100 on the plan for 100 page is about right with the rest of the food.

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