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Spaghetti Dinner Benefit
Looking to serve 1500-2000 plates could you tell me how much spaghetti noodles sauce and hamburger meat I will need thanks...and if could be prepared the night before what's the best way to serve gonna be delivering to business also thanks
Consider doing baked spaghetti casserole if you want to do ahead (recipe link under Basic budget entrees on the Big Pots page). Also, read the whole spaghetti page about quantities and reheating.
There is a recipe for red meat sauce for 1000 on that page.
You want about 18 pounds dry spaghetti per 100 for large entree servings.

Food safety including storage and reheating is a VERY big issue. You are looking at literally a ton of food. Do you have a commercial kitchen with a walk in cooler?

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