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Feeding School Faculty about 35 people
Hi Ellen!
I am planning to cook an indoor bbq lunch to feed about 35 adults (equal numbers of males and females)

On the menu is pulled bbq..I am thinking about 18 lbs of raw boneless breasts but would appreciate your input

Also..macaroni 4 lbs of elbows a decent amount

Also tossed salad..I am thinking 3 heads of lettuce, about 3/4 pound of carrots, l lb of grape tomatoes, 3 cucumbers and a bag of of croutons

Also about 4 dozen rolls

You only need to end up with about 10 pounds of bbq, so 10-13 pounds raw meat is enough. With adults, most crowds only eat 5 sandwiches per 4 people.

I only do 6-8 pounds mac per 100, so look at 3.

A gallon of meatless beans of some kind would provide an entree option for any non-meat eaters.

On the salad, increase to 5 heads unless they are enormous. Dressing, look at the plan for 100 salad section and use 1/3 the amounts for 100.

Hope this helps. If you do well, please consider a little donation, a dime or quarter per person, to support this site. Thanks.

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