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Chicken Parmesan dinner for 200 people

Our company is cooking a charity dinner for 200 people. We're planning to have a salad bar, chicken parmesan and penne pasta as the entree and a vegetable medley on the side. For dessert we'll be serving cookies and ice cream. How much of all ingredients would I need?


A buffet bparty this size requires a commercial kitchen, 3-4 people in the kitchen and 10-15 people out front to set up, serve and clean up.
Are you planning to make the food yourselves, or are you buying it ready to cook/serve? Write back.
We'll be cooking everything ourselves in a commercial kitchen. We'll have about 20-25 volunteers to help with the prep, cooking and clean up.
OK, great.

salad bar, for 10 (double it)
Lettuce,leaf 8 pounds ready, 12-1/2 pounds whole
Carrots, chopped or shredded, 2 pounds ready, 1 quart 3-1/8 cups, 2-1/2 pounds whole
Celery, 2 pounds chopped, 1 quart 3-1/2 cups, 2-3/4 pounds whole
Onions, fresh chopped or green, 8 ounces, 1-3/8 cups, whole 8-7/8 ounces
Tomatoes, thin wedges or small cherry tomatoes, 4 pounds, 2 quarts 2-1/8 cups, whole 4 1/8 pounds
small croutons, 3-4 pounds
olives/pickles 3-4 quarts

PLUS 12 8 ounce bottles or 3-4 quarts (1 gallon) salad dressing- more if thick and self serve; ranch, lite ranch, Italian, fat free Italian, sesame or raspberry

For other topping ideas and amounts, see the taco/potato bar page

chicken parmesan, assuming you are starting from frozen? for buffet, 1 5 ounce serving per person plus about 20% more for seconds.

penne pasta, 16-20 pounds `per 100; 1 quart sauce per pound. Use the lesser amount if plated, the larger amount for buffet with seconds. Keep a couple pounds angel hair uncooked for emergency back up. Read the spaghetti page on prep and holding.
Parm (the sprinkle on kind), 1 can per table or per 12

vegetable medley, 22 pounds per 100

ice cream
You might want to look at the sundae bar for 100 for amounts and ideas

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That is salad bar for 100, not 10...
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