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enchiladas dinner
Anita Dominguez
Hello I'm having an enchilada fundraising event for 300 people do you know how much beans and rice and corn tortillas red Chile and cheese I would need?
Usual plate is 3 enchiladas, chili gravy, rice beans and some chopped lettuce salad, This assumes buffet service
Read this article:

Note that his recipe makes for 8 tortillas, so you would be doing 112 times the recipe!

beans,9-12 pounds dry beans per 100 (larger amount for charro beans

rice, 10 pounds per 100

corn tortillas, 900 corn for enchiladas, 600 for side bread

red Chile gravy
"Chili gravy is a mash-up between flour-based gravy and Mexican chile sauce. It’s a smooth and silky substance, redolent with earthy cumin, smoky chiles and pungent garlic. It's not fiery, as it was originally created by Anglos, but it does have flavor. And there's no meat in chili gravy—it's just fat, flour, chicken broth and spices."

cheese 3 cups shredded (12 ounces) makes 8, 1 pound makes 12, so you are looking at 84 pounds of cheese.

Do have shredded iceberg with a bit of diced tomatoes.

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