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Appetizer reception for 400 (prior to dinner)
Mom of the bride
Thanks for your help!
My daughter's wedding is April 25th. We are serving appetizers to 400 prior to a dinner reception.
I need help with proportions for the appetizers/ drinks only. The dinner reception will be catered.
We are planning on serving meatballs, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, cucumbers and dip and pineapples and grapes, and donuts instead of cake. Coffee, punch, and water. Most of the guests will go on from there to a dinner reception.
meatballs, 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds
cheese, 1 pound per 12, some can be spreads or logs and
crackers, 6 pounds per 100
chips, 1 pound per 15
and salsa, 1 pint per pound
cucumbers, 6-7 pounds per 100
dip, 2 quarts per 100
pineapples, 10 pieces per pound, 800 pieces
grapes, 12 bunches per pound, 400 bunches

Cake (is this before dinner?) cake- control costs by having a grooms cake or kitchen cakes (sheet cakes in the wedding cake flavor). 1 sheet is 60 servings. Decide how big a wedding cake you want, then order the rest in the other choices.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

For the beverages, use the beverage planning page, with 2 bottles of water per person.
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