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Increase Quantity/Use different size pan
Chris Appleyard
The website is great, but my issue is slightly different. I have a fool proof recipe for a white lasagna, chicken, spinach and a very rich cheese sauce. It makes a full 9x13 pan using 9 'cook first' lasagna noodles, 2 cups of Ricotta cheese(no eggs), 2 cups of diced chicken, 10oz of frozen spinach, and a cheese sauce of 2 cups chicken broth, 1.5 cups milk, 4 cups of mozzarella or mixed Italian cheeses and 1 cup of Parmesano. It is rich. It serves 8 in my family of three big male eaters and two females, there are leftovers.
I need to make enough for 50 people for dinner with salads and rolls. I would like to use full size aluminum buffet pans. How do I increase the recipe PER pan? These pans seem to be slightly more than 1.5 the size of a 9x13 though they are much deeper.
I do not want to make the lasagna deeper; the cooking situation is two regular electric ovens possibly a third to cook one in each but if too thick, the cooking time would be increased so much I am afraid it would dry out and burn the cheeses. It is cooked uncovered for 35-40 minutes.
Do I double the recipe for one full size buffet pan? Or 1 plus 2/3 or what? And given this is a wonderful lasagna and rich but not thick, am I fooling myself to think that 3 pans are enough for 50?
Chris Appleyard
Oh sorry AND, if I do double the recipe, for how long do I cook the lasagnas? If they are about the same depth as a regular 9x13x2, do they cook for the same amount of time, which is til it is bubbly and the cheese on top just starts to brown.


A 9x13 holds almost 4 quarts. A full size pan 2 inches deep holds 2 gallons; so you would want a double recipe in each pan to keep it approximately the same depth. This each pan would serve about 16, and you would just squeeze by with 3 pans; but I would suggest 4 (8 times the recipe) or at least 1 extra 9x13, since you would not mind some left over. You could make the small one meatless for any vegetarians in the group.

If made ahead and chilled,preheat the oven 20 minutes and add 10 minutes and cover for the first half of the cooking time.

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