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How much is needed for a buffet
Hi, I'm planning a buffet for approximately 75 people. I want to serve Cornish hens and salmon but not sure how much I will need. I will be serving appiterzers, two salads, two vegetables and two starches as well. Any help would be appreciated
It depends on the crowd, but the best way I have found to do this for buffet service, is to split the the hens and bake them cut side up with stuffing in the cavity. That way you do only 38, and it looks very festive. Then allow 1 pound salmon per 5 people and if possible in filets or slabs so people can take what they want- many will take just a bite. Very thoughtful during Lent.

The only exception would be if it is a Catholic event on Friday in Lent, where many people will choose the fish. If so, write back.

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