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serving 100
how many 15lb smoked turkeys do I need to feed samwiches at a lunchon for a 100 people
Must plan option for those who don't eat meat/ smoked turkey- I'm an omnivore and love turkey sandwiches, but I never eat smoked turkey...

A 15 pound raw turkey provides about 15 cups (6-7 pounds) of cooked meat, perhaps a little less due to smokage shrinking. 1/3 pound makes a really fat bun/ roll sandwich; 1/4 is like a quarter pounder; a regular sliced bread sandwich is about 2 1/2 ounces. I usually figure 120 sandwiches for 100 people if it is self serve.

Please look at the sandwich planning page for help on condimants, spreads, pickles,etc.

chinese noodles, for each 20, 3 pounds if they also cook rice (about 8 pounds dry for 80 people)
packets of frozen veggies, about 14 pounds
frys vege strips (tofu strips frozen), about 20 pounds
This sounds like a vegetarian version of chicken haystacks.
which might give you some additional ideas.

tomato cucumber onion for israeli salad
Look at any of these tasty off site recipes:

Or take a look at this interesting variation:

vege sticks for dips - carrot cucumber celery and capsicum about 1 pound total ready to eat per 12, 1 pint dip per pound. Help available on the veggie tray page.

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