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Cook Talk

boiling potatoes in electric roaster
I want to make 15# of steamed/boiled potatoes and also carrots and cabbage ( to serve 35) I have 3 roasters (18qts) to serve with corned beef. How do I cook the potatoes and the other veggies. Thanks for your help with this.
Do consider saving the water in which you cooked the corn beef to use with the cabbage.

Cook them separately. The potatoes will take the longest, up to 45 minutes; the cabbage only 15-20. The carrots about 30, depending on the size. For the potatoes, salted water. For the cabbage, corned beef water or beef or chicken broth. You can do the carrots and cabbage in the same roaster, just start the carrots first.

Bring the cooking liquid to a boil, add veggies, turn down to a simmer. Cook covered until done.

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