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Cook Talk

Wedding of 8-100 people
Hey there!

I am looking to cook Chicken Alfredo for a reception. It will be the main dish and it will be about 80-100 people. I need help on how much

*Boneless skinless chicken breast
*Penne Noodles
*Alfredo sauce

Thank you so much for your help!

Wedding of 80-100 people
See the spaghetti page for the Alfredo style sauce for 100 that holds.

You will do 18 pounds pasta for 100.

Allow 1 pound boneless chicken breast per 3 =4, 3 is quite meaty.

12-14 pounds bread for 100. You need a salad and green vegetable, and please prepare and label at least 1 9x13 pan meatless for any vegetarians.

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