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Maple-Date Strata in an Electric Roaster
This is an amazing site. It has come in handy many times. I'm making the Maple-date Strata, the recipe says 4 times the recipe will fit in an electric roaster. It gives the baking times for 9x13 and half steamer pans but not the roaster. Do you know what the baking time and temp would be if I did 3x the recipe in an electric roaster? Thanks so much
Preheat the roaster the full 20 minutes to 25=30 above the desired heat. When you insert the refrigerated pan, turn down to the required heat. Calculate cook time the same as for half pans, but add 1/2 hour. Check middle of casserole with thermometer. When it reaches 165, turn roaster to 180 to hold.

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