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Cook Talk

Wedding reception 3pm for 150 guests
Scarlett Mason
for the wedding reception we are having light appetizers, finger sandwiches, fruit (strawberries.... maybe chocolate dipped) veggies ( celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers) & dip
Cheeseballs 7 cracekers
Sausage Balls
Lil Smokies
and also
How many cupcakes should I tell my cake lady that I need?
beverages: Sweet Tea & Lemonade & Bottled Water
This is a rustic wedding and we are choosing to ask friends and family to help with the food. Thanks for your help.
finger sandwiches, since these have thin bread with thin fillings, make at least 1 sandwich (3-4 pieces) per person. I often do 1 1/2 to 2. My tea sandwich page has lots of help.

fruit (strawberries.... maybe chocolate dipped)
2 large berries per person. For fruit trays, use the fruit tray page to plan about 4 more bites per person.

veggies ( celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers) & dip
use the veggie tray page, also tells dip

Cheeseballs You want about 12-15 pounds
crackers 5 pounds per 100

Sausage Balls 1 pound per 8

meatballs, cocktail size
Lil Smokies
You want a total of about 5 pieces per person. It takes 3 quarts of sauce to do 10 pounds

cupcakes, If one flavor, about 160, if 2 flavors, about 85 each

Sweet Tea, 10 gallons, a couple unsweetened
Lemonade, 10 gallons
Bottled Water, 2 per person

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